When Buying Health Drinks, Alkaline Drinks Are the Better Choice

With so many health drinks on the market, it can be difficult to know the difference between alkaline drinks and other unhealthy choices. While many of the health drinks you find are useful in some ways, alkaline drinks have added benefits that their counterparts do not.

Alkaline drinks are special health drinks that utilize natural ingredients registering a pH higher than 7.0, after consumption. The various benefits in these alkaline drinks are reached through the inclusion of specific ingredients that are processed very carefully. Ingredients may include real fruits and herbs, which are naturally alkaline. These ingredients must not be overheated in the packaging process, thereby maintaining the completely natural structure of the plants.

Because there are so many health drinks available, it can be helpful to determine just what effect you’re looking for with your purchase. For example, some health drinks are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C and are therefore geared toward improving the immune system. Other health drinks contain a high protein content in an effort to help an individual build lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, most protein drinks are highly acidic.

Why Choose Alkaline Drinks?

The importance of maintaining an alkaline state in the body is becoming more widely accepted as research points to the benefits. Generally speaking, the body has a pH of about 7.4, or slightly alkaline. Many of the bacteria and other organisms that would harm the body are unable to survive in this alkaline environment. This is why health drinks with naturally alkaline ingredients are helpful in assisting the body to maintain that delicate pH balance. If human blood changes just two tenths in pH level, death is imminent. The body will do whatever is necessary to stay in balance, even if that means extracting calcium from bones to alkalize the acid forming foods and drinks consumed.

Unfortunately, much of the typical twenty-first century diet is made up of acid forming foods. By utilizing alkaline drinks, we are able to help the body maintain its natural balance. The result is better overall health, as well as more energy. With the consumption of alkaline health drinks, the body won’t have to work as hard in order to manage a proper pH balance.

Alkaline drinks are almost always made with whole food ingredients. Fruits, such as lemons and peaches and herbs like jasmine or cinnamon are alkaline ingredients that you might find in these types of health drinks. Keep in mind that many convenience store sport drinks and enhanced waters are made with acid forming ingredients, which are just the opposite.

In most cases, alkaline health drinks also offer a more natural energy boost without a sugar crash or a caffeine buzz. This is because the whole food ingredients provide elements such as antioxidants, live enzymes, and chlorophyll for enhanced oxygen flow.

When you take the time to find out how your health drinks are processed and what they are made with you can make a huge difference in how effective they are for your body. By shopping for naturally alkaline drinks, you are able to support your life support systems in a way that most so-called health drinks can’t possibly equal.

Cliff Smith is a professional actor, voice artist and co-owner of an online health food store. After achieving natural weight loss and other fitness milestones by incorporating alkaline health drinks in his diet, he created the Alkaline Food Test. This simple test helps others understand the benefits of maintaining proper pH balance with the right choices.