Types of Vending Machine

A machine which dispenses articles like candies, ice creams, cold drinks, snacks, alcohol, and beverages etc. automatically, on the insertion of a coin, token, or coupon is referred to as vending machine. Such machines are fast gaining popularity amongst the masses. According to reports it was first installed in England in early 1880s, where it was used to dispense post cards. In USA, the first vending machine was put up at a railway station to sell gums. Since then this wonder machine has come a long way and now has gained its rightful entry in the world of business too. And if you too are interested in installing one, just get hold of reputed vending machine suppliers and get the machine of your choice!

There are many types of vending machines used across the globe. There are some very big machines which vend articles like cold drinks bottles, chips packets, and microwavable items like pizzas etc. But then there are many small and portable machines like the ones dispensing candies, gums, beverages etc. There are tea vending machine and coffee vending machine which are very common in the break rooms of corporate offices, shopping centers, coffee shops, college cafeteria, hospitals etc. It is very convenient to use these machines; just at the press of a button you get the steaming hot tea or coffee. There are machines which vend cold coffee as well.

These vending machines also come in different shapes and sizes. There are machines which dispense completely prepared tea or coffee while there are types where only the concoction of hot milk and water is dispensed and you need to use the tea bags to get the tea ready to drink. You can get an idea about the different types of machines available in the market through the vending machine suppliers and choose the one that caters to your budget, need and choice. Tea vending machine is now available with many features. There are Two Selection vending machines, Three Selection vending machines, Four Selection vending machines and Beans to Cup Coffee vending machines.

Two Selection vending machines can dispose two different beverages with different blends and flavors simultaneously. They can dispose tea, coffee, or any health drinks. These are so designed as to vend any powder from the root stock and are fully automatic with one touch button for each beverage. Three Selection machines are straightened with three nozzles to vend three beverages like tea, coffee and milk shakes at the same time. They are designed in a way that they consume very less electricity and thus are very cost effective. Four Selection ones are very popular in corporate offices, hospitals, coffee shops etc. There is a coffee vending machine which can dispose hot concoction for the coffee and also there are ones which can offer you absolutely divine cold coffee to enjoy with your favorite chocolate powder sprinkled over the froth. To sum it up all, there is a wide array of electric, digital, automatic vending machines for you to choose from and tantalize your taste buds.