Top Snack Distributors

Technological improvement, developing innovations, the introduction of e-commerce, and creating new opportunities, are ways in which some of the top distribution companies continue to ensure that their brands stay at the top of the snack distribution industry.

These distribution companies stock a wide variety of snacks ranging from chips, confectionery, candy, and snack foods. With suitable storage facilities, these snack products are adequately stored and preserved under the right environment and conditions to prevent spoilage.

Top snack distributors are companies that continue to excel and has to lead the distribution industry for many years. By ensuring a speedy delivery of fresh snack products to retails, these distribution companies have maintained a high level of reputability amongst retail traders and continue to grow, evolving continuously and adjusting to changes in consumer needs.

Due to the fact that significant success comes from consumers accepting their products, many manufacturers try to implement consumer needs and demands in the production of snack products.

Some major snack manufacturers in the industry take it upon themselves to ensure that their products are delivered to retail traders by establishing their distribution units. They own the required warehousing facilities to ensure that their products are adequately stocked. These manufacturers perform better than many distribution companies in the USA as they handle product quality better, speedy delivery of goods, and promote products effectively. Because they have a direct link with customers, they have access to product feedback, which they utilize in improving their products.

For this reason, these companies are ranked as the top snack distributors in the USA:

1. PEPSICO: Pepsico, which is a world-famous company for the production of soft drinks, has dived into the production of snacks through their associate’s companies called Frito-Lays. They produce products such as Lays, Fritos, and Tostitos. This company has become one of the top snack distributors.

2. GENERAL MILLS: Established in 1856 under a different name, General mills offer a wide variety of different snack foods. General mills some popular brands in the snack industry such as Pillsbury, Green Giant, Pillsbury, and Yoplait.  The company provides topnotch distribution services to its customers.

3. NESTLE: Nestle is the largest snack food producing company in the country with subsidiaries such as tasters choice, Pixy Stix, Laffy Taffy, and Nescafe. Nestle produces and distributes a variety of snack products found in every market in the country.

4. MARS INCORPORATED: Mars is one of the world’s top snack product manufacturers offering different varieties of confectionery, chocolate, and gum. The company continues to introduce new products to the market to ensure that consumers are satisfied.

5. KELLOGG’S: Kellogg’s company is known all over the world for its cereals, crackers, and pastries. The multibillion-dollar manufacturing company carries out product marketing and distribution through its associate brands such as Pringles, cornflakes, cheeze-it, and others.