Top Four Powdered Drinks

Powdered drinks are a hugely popular product in America that is now increasing in demand from Europe and other areas of the world. They offer a number of benefits including portability (a packet of powder is far less bulky than a litre of liquid!), health (some of these powdered drinks contain additional vitamins) and taste (because they are powdered you can make them as strong or as weak, as sweet or as sour as you like).

A number of manufacturers offer these powdered drinks in a wide variety of flavours and with a huge amount of ‘added extras’, such as vitamins, ginseng and other additives. Here we list four of the best selling, most well known powdered drinks available in the US and abroad.

1) Kool Aid

Kool Aid is one of the most famous powdered drinks brands in the world. Sold extensively throughout North America, including Canada, it has boomed in the UK as well through importers of American drinks.

There are currently 44 Kool Aid products listed on the brand’s website, with a host of flavours from strawberry to tropical punch, some sweetened, some sugar free and some aimed at kids and some at adults.

This is a range that is likely to have something for everyone!

2) Gatorade

Gatorade is an American drink that will be closely associated with sports in the minds of people who watch them a lot. A lot of sports in the States are sponsored by Gatorade and it is often billed as an energy drink.

However, there is also a powdered version offering flavours including orange, lemon-lime and riptide rush. Like many powdered drinks, it comes in packets or tubs, with a 595g packet making over nine litres of liquid!

You won’t get that much drink for that price any other way!

3) Country Time Lemonade

This refreshing powdered drink from Country Time comes in 19oz tubs, making up 8 quarts of delicious lemonade (they also do a very nice pink lemonade version). Where Country Time Lemonade differs is that it promotes itself as being much better for you in that it has 40% LESS sugar than regular, non-powdered sodas.

Kool Aid, as an example, is well known for its sweet powdered drinks, despite having an unsweetened range. Country Time is famed for its realistic taste and low sugar content. A nice alternative, for sure.

4) Crystal Light

Another brand promoting its low fat powdered drinks is Crystal Light. They offer natural lemonade, raspberry lemonade, pink lemonade and raspberry ice, amongst others such as green tea and iced tea.

Instead of comparing themselves to normal sodas like Country Time, Crystal Light simply says that it has less than five calories per serving – which is pretty impressive for a powdered, sweet drink!

There are many more powdered drinks on the market, from sweet fruit flavours through unsweetened, low fat flavours to high in vitamin and other additives sports drinks. They really do offer a refreshing alternative to bottled drinks and sodas.