Speciality Snack Distributors

Specialty snacks are considered as higher quality products made of ingredients with great nutritional value. These snacks are usually more expensive than regular snacks as they are usually made with high-quality ingredients, which are usually more expensive. Some specialty snacks that have become famous among consumers are specialty pretzels, gummy candy, mint lentils, chocolate sunflower, Jordan almonds, jelly beans, six let, malted milk balls, taffy, original candy, espresso beans, and jelly candy

Some distribution companies focus on the distribution of specialty snack products others may stock it as part of the variety which they offer. Specialty snacks are considered healthier than regular snacks. These snacks are slowly overtaking the snack industry as consumers have become more health inclined with regards to the nature of snacks they purchase. At present, there are different varieties of specialty snacks available.

Specialty Snack distributors operating in the USA are:

1. Crown pacific fine foods: Established in 1982, offers a variety of specialty foods, particularly specialty snack foods to retail traders. They are known for the delivery of specialty products of high quality which has gained the confidence of consumers.

2. Redstone foods: response stocks over 6000 different varieties of specialty snacks. The specialty snacks distribution company has it’s headquarters in Texas and has been offering distribution services to retail outlets across the country since 1966. Redstone distributors are also involved in the distribution of soda beverages.

3. Exotic Gourmet: Exotic Gourmet is associated with over 1000 snack manufacturers, mainly to supply healthy and nourishing snacks to retailers. Exotic Gourmet, which was started in 1966 as fast grown into a well-known brand for distribution of specialty snacks in the market. The company is a family-owned independent distribution company.

4. Mister Distributors: Known for their competitive prices, Mister Distributors is one of the most popular particular snack distributor offering a different variety of healthy specialty snack products to retailers. Mister distributors offer tasty and nutritious snacks that are not only healthy but helps to satisfy consumer cravings for sweet snacks.

5. UNFI Distributors: has become an essential channel for moving specialty snacks from manufacturers to retail outlets.  They offer products to over 40,000 retail traders to ensure a constant supply of snacks to keep consumers satisfied.

6. Wonder Foods: Wonder foods deliver specialty snack products to many retailers such as convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and supermarkets both within the United States and outside. With their distribution locations growing, the distribution company provides fast delivery of snack products at great prices.

7. Truly good foods: Truly good foods distributors partner with some notable specialty snack manufacturers to ensure that these products reach consumers. Some of its subsidiaries are trEAT4u, Snack treasures, knots, resealable cubes, and York harvest. They offer a variety of snacks which have unique tastes and flavor that are beneficial to one’s health.