-The drinks which do not contain alcohol they are termed as soft drinks.

-Soft drinks contain high acidic matter, this damage tooth by diminishing enamel.

-Mainly soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, citric acid, phosphoric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid.

-Soft drinks also contain refined sugars and synthetic preservatives.

-Soft drinks do not have any nutritional values. They contain high polished (refined) sugars it causes obesity in people.

-Soft drinks cause gastro intestinal disorders.

-They also affect human resistance system.

-The persons who take soft drinks regularly it may leads to damage of human reproductive system.

-Generally soft drinks contain soda. This soda highly stimulates nerves, this causes insomnia.

-One of the main problems of soft drinks is bone disease because of high acidity and high sugar percentage.

-Because of high acidity there are chances to cell damage and sometimes these cells are converted as cancer cells.

-Some soft drinks contain caffeine, if we take such drinks it became bad habit and person habituated to such drinks.

-The synthetic sugar saccharin is 200 times sweeter than natural sugar. This sugar leads to bladder cancer. By this reason some countries like Canada, New Zealand, and other countries banned the usage of saccharin in soft drinks.

-Hypertension, heart attack, arthritis are frequently risen disorders by soft drinks.

-These highly gas containing soft drinks-who take more than three glasses per day they will face many dental problems.

-In our body calcium-phosphorous equilibrium is affected by the phosphoric acid which is present in soft drinks. This leads to osteoporosis disease.

-High sugar content facilitates rich microbial growth in mouth. This leads to dental disorders.

-Mostly artificial sugars are used in soft drinks for sweetness. For example aspartame is 200 times sweetener than natural sugar.

-Aspartame stimulates apatite.

-Aspartame causes heart attack, head ache, ophthalmic disorders and respiratory disorders.

-Artificial sugar Eksulfame- K is 100-200 times sweeter than sugar. This is cancer causative sugar using in some soft drinks.


Finally conclude as everyone should know the toxicity of soft drinks avoid soft drinks and maintain your good health. It is good to take fruit juices instead of soft drinks. This gives good nutrition to our body and very essential for good health.