Snack Vending Machines and Nostalgia

Snack vending machines are pretty much a staple. Though they aren’t as old as you might think, we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing them in so many different places. We don’t think twice about them, well, that is until we want something to snack on! But a lot of snack machines carry newer snacks and candy bars that have been popular in recent years.Sometimes though, I see snack vending machines that carry older candy, stuff I loved as a kid and don’t see as often. Airheads, Nutrageous, and Warheads, to name a few. It sends me into a tizzy of nostalgia, seeing these candies that I consumed as a child. And of course, I feel a need to purchase them. I can’t pass on something I haven’t seen in such a long time and enjoyed so much. It really brings back memories of being a kid, which for me all all great.

Think about it; it could be a great way to sell more if your snack vending machines included items that were loved from the 90s. A lot of those kids are in their 20s now, the ones that are going to be dropping dollars into a machine at the movie theater or the work break room. And many of these candies are manufactured still, but because you don’t see them as much, it may be that people will be more apt to buy them when they do. They’ll have the mentality that they haven’t eaten X candy in forever, so why pass it up because it’s so rare to find?

You can find these candies for your snack vending machines by just contacting the manufacturer, or look for wholesale candy stores that sell them in bulk. You can see if the guy who comes to refill your machine can include certain candies and snacks on his order sheet that you may not have been offered initially. It’s important to inquire so you can get the best set up for your machine.

I love the nostalgia of a good candy bar from when I was kid, or a soda in drink vending machines that I haven’t seen in a long time. It compels me to buy. Even if you don’t want to turn your whole vending machine into a nostalgia-fest, you can still add a couple. You might be surprised how well they sell. And you can still sell all the best selling, newer products as well.