Snack Distributors in Florida

Snacks are on-the-go-to meals. They’re precooked prepackaged food that consumers can easily consume. Florida is known for its tourism. A large number of vacationers visit the states, people are continuously trooping in and out of the state, and there‚Äôs the need to provide for these people, as well as, the growing population. Florida has become an excellent location for many retail outlets, such as convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets. Most convenient stores are stocked with ready to eat, grab, and go snack foods.

People want variety from taste, flavor, nutritional value. Consumer demands are continually changing. Many manufacturers are not compromising with their products and keep coming up with various snacks to satisfy these needs. Snack distributors play a significant role in the production of snack products by partnering with manufacturers and ensuring that snack products are promptly delivered and stored. This is to prevent spoilage and late deliveries as snacks do not last as long as some other convenience store products.

Popular snack distributors include:

1. Miami Snacks & Beverages: Located in Miami, Florida, the snack and beverage distribution company was established in 1989. Miami snacks and beverages offer distribution services to many retailers, nationally and internationally. This distribution company is associated with brands such as Kellogg’s, Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, and even Unilever.

2. Zuma & Sons Distributors Corporation: Zuma and Sons Distributors is located in Miami, Florida, and was established in 1985.   The distribution company aims to provide fast and efficient delivery of snacks to retail outlets within and outside the state of Florida. Zuma and Sons distributors focus on the distribution of confectionery and other packaged food products.

3. Convenient Wholesalers Of America: CWA is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers distribution services to many retailers not just in Florida but to stores such as gas filling stations, malls and convenience stores in other states.

4. Ke HE Distributors: Ke HE Distributors is located in Jacksonville, Florida. The distribution company is well known for its excellent customer services and great management, which has made it a popular name in the distribution industry. Ke He Distributors continues to grow to provide distribution services to more retailers within and outside the state of Florida.

5. Vistar: Vistar is a snack distribution company located in Miami Gardens, Florida offering fast delivery of snack and beverage products to retailers in the state.

6. Mackoul Distributors Incorporated: Mackoul  Has a warehousing facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. It stocks a variety of snacks and beverages and offers delivery services to retail outlets in the state.

7. Sweep Snacks: Sweep Snacks Carries out distribution and manufacture of snack products in Florida and other states on the country. They focus on the distribution of chocolate-based products to many retail stores

8. Miami Candies: Miami candies is one of the top candy distribution companies in the state, providing a variety of wholesale candy products to retailers to carter to consumers’ needs for quality and tasty snack candies.