Snack and Candy Distributors

Snacks and Candies account for a more significant percentage of convenience store products. Candies have become very popular among consumers has it is the go-to snack to satisfy their sweet and sugary cravings. For this reason, they have become very popular among kids. There is numerous assortment of candies in the market and new flavors keeping into the market. Snacks and candies are no longer just junk foods, as many brands manufacture snack products that have health benefits.

Many distributors are involved in the storage and delivery of snacks and candy products. Except for snack foods, conventional snacks and candies require less care to store and are generally cheaper to store. Introducing new and healthier varieties of candy to the market has been useful especially in the past few years because more consumers have become open and embracing the consumption of healthier snack products. Snacks and Candy distributors in the USA markets are:

1. Redstone foods: Redstone foods is one of the leading wholesale distributors of candy snacks in the United States. With its headquarters in Texas, the distribution company has been offering distribution services for over 50 years to retail shops within the country and outside the country. The company stocks over 6,000 product variety and aims to provide customers with great services.

2. Royal Wholesale Candy: Established in 1990, RWC has developed excellent consumer relationships in the retail market by providing quality snack products such as chocolate, dried fruits, candy, nuts, and other healthy snack alternatives. Royal wholesale candy distributors have its headquarters in New Jersey, where the  25,000 sq.-ft storage facility is located.

3. Arcade Snacks: Arcade snacks is a wholesale snack distribution company that has offered services to retailers in the country for over 30 years. This distributor focuses on the distribution of snacks, nuts, and dried fruits. Arcade Snacks is a family-owned distribution company that continues to extend it’s distribution channels across the USA.

4. Mister Snacks: There’s no doubt that Mister Snack had become one of the most popular brands when it comes to healthy snacks and candy distribution in the country. The company prides itself on providing top quality, tasty, and nourishing snacks to the public and has gained the confidence of many retailers in the market due to their great shopping experience.

5. Snacks on the rack: This company has been in operations since 2002 and offers wholesale distribution services to various retail outlets at competitive prices. They focus mainly on the distribution of trail mix, candy, and confectionery.

6. Nassau CandySpecialty Confections & Fine Foods: Nassau Candy stocks over 10,000 different varieties of products. It has about six distribution locations in the country, partnering with numerous manufacturers to ensure the constant availability of snack products in various markets in the region.