Rev it Up: Promotional Energy Drinks

The cardinal rule of marketing with promotional items is to make sure you give the customer something they need. Useful items, things that people really want and need, are a goldmine for marketers, since your client will associate your brand with the meeting of their need. Whatever your product or service, that is the association you want people to have–your offering meets their need.

More than any of the items that people need for their homes or offices, there is a deeper need, one that it’s more important to satisfy. People need pens and paperclips and golf tees, but in the end, they could live without them. What people truly need, what they can’t live without, is food.

Promotional food and drink items are a huge segment of the promotional goods market. Anything you can buy can be created with a new label bearing anyone’s logo; wine bottles, water bottles, and candy bars, are just a few examples. But a newer addition to the market, one not seen much until recently, is promotional energy drinks.

Energy drinks can be one of several different kinds of drinks. Promotional energy drinks can include drinks like Gatorade or Powerade that are meant to replace the salt, sugar, water, and triglycerides that are lost during intense physical activity. These sorts of energy drinks are very popular with athletes. Promotional energy drinks are also drinks like Red Bull, Jolt, or Rock Star that are full of caffeine and sugar, and are meant to give the drinker a big jolt of energy. This kind of promotional energy drinks are very popular people who stay up very late at night and either need the help staying awake, or are tired in the day because of lack of sleep.

Some companies have a relationship with Red Bull, the most well known energy drink. As with other food products, the strategy is simple; contract with Red Bull to allow you to put your brand over theirs. When people stop by your booth or table and see that you are giving out promotional energy drinks, they will stay, talk, look over your material, and happily leave with a can of Red Bull in hand. Only it doesn’t say Red bull, it says Company X, and they will hold it in their hand for a long time, seeing your brand every time they take a sip, feeling energetic and enjoying themselves because of something you provided for them. Imagine how you could provide for their other needs, especially their need for your product or service.

The labels that go on the cans of Red Bull to replace their logo are not expensive. You can get hundreds of them in bulk for very little cost. You can also have the cans directly printed with your company name and logo. Promotional energy drinks are perfect products for conventions, tradeshows, and college campuses; places where large groups of people could use some more energy and will be grateful when they see your promotional energy drinks.