Organic Snack Distributors

Organic snacks are snacks that contain a higher amount of organic and natural ingredients with a minimal amount of synthetic ingredients. These snacks usually contain lower sugar content and higher protein content as opposed to conventional snacks, organic snacks are therefore considered healthier. Manufacturers producing organic snacks utilize less processed ingredients and fewer chemicals in the process of production.

Organic snack distributors supply snacks to carter to consumers because people have become more health-conscious. These organic snacks are mainly fruits and nuts that have been produced organically, usually without or with a limited amount of addictive. These snacks are usually fresher and more nutritious. Although over time, many non-organic snacks have been introduced to the market under organic brands, this has made it difficult for the consumers to determine the snacks that contain the ingredients they’re interested in.

Securing a trusted and reliable organic snack distributor will enjoy that the right snacks containing the proper ingredients and produced organically reaches the public.

Some notable organic snack distributors that have continued to satisfy the public by ensuring a constant supply of these snacks are:

1. SunOpta: SunOpta is a distribution company that has been providing distribution services to many retail stores through multiple channels, not just in the USA but to other countries. It is a global leader in the distribution of organic foods and snacks. They focus on the distribution of organic foods and beverages of high nutritional value.

2. Gimme Health Foods: This is an organic snack manufacturing and distribution company located in North California. The company began in 2012, producing seaweed-based snacks like chips and ensuring that these products reach the retailers. These snacks are of high nutritional value and are made of strictly organic ingredients.

3. Sanz Wholesale Foods Company: Located in Panorama City, CA, Sanz wholesale foods distributors partners with many snack manufacturers to ensure that healthy snacks are constantly available in the consumer markets.

4. Ke He Distributors: Providing distribution services to over 30,000 retail stores in the country, offers a variety of snacks, including organic snacks. Ke He distributors currently have more than 5,500 employees providing services at various distribution locations in the country. Ke He distributors partners with some of the top snack manufacturers to ensure the availability of healthy snacks.

5. Mister Snacks: Minster Snacks is concentrated on providing healthier snack alternatives for consumers. Their great consumer services and quality products had made them very popular in the market. They offer a variety of snacks, such as nuts, fruits, chocolate, and trail mixes.

6. Exotic Gourmet: Exotic Gourmet has been the nation’s trusted supplier for healthy, tasty, and nourishing snacks since 1996. The family-owned Distribution company partners with about 1000 snack manufacturing companies to provide retailers with healthy snacks.