Low-calorie energy drinks supply the energy boost you need

Most people see Energy drinks like Monster energy drink and red bull energy drink as high sugar high calorie drinks that are similar to soft drinks and high calorie sports drinks. It is true that when energy drinks first came on to the market they were full of sugar and calories but in the last year that has changed.

There are a lot more brands of energy drinks on the market these days and each is trying to capture a different part of the market place. Most energy drink companies are targeting younger active people who appear to not have enough time in the day to get everything done.

However, there are a considerable number of highly active people over the age of 30 and even 40 who are using energy drinks regularly to keep up with their kids and younger friends.

The basics behind energy drink usage are the need for people to have more energy their normal diet and limited sleep provides. Many top energy drinks now contain sport nutrition vitamins like B6 and B12. These vitamins help boost the duration of the energy effect without sugar.

This generation of energy drinks contains caffeine for the initial energy boost and energy vitamins like B6 and B12 for the longer lasting results, which is great for most people. These drinks have less than 10 calories because they lack high amounts of sugar.

Low sugar energy drinks are very useful to people who wish to get a boost of energy with any the calories. The lower suggest option also helps with any potential energy crash or headaches that result from sugar drinks.

To stay active and lose the weight some people need additional energy and it just makes sense that they would want to drink that is both low in sugar and low in calories.

Some vitamin energy drink mixes provide the 5 hours of energy without any crash, jitters or regret. The energy dissipates slowly.

These powder mixes tend to be cheaper and more convenient at the same time, so they can provide all the energy we crave without the negative impacts of sugar and calories.

I wish you Good luck with your research around the subject of energy drinks. I sincerely hope this article has helped you better understand it.