Humane design trends beverage packaging products.

Humane refers to a concept, embodied in the beautiful but according to consumer habits, operating practices, consumer convenience features can meet the demands of consumers, but also to meet the psychological needs of consumers. It means making humanized technology and human relations coordination, which allows the development of technology to expand around the needs of people. Technology referred to here is technology in the broad sense, not just referring to a particular area.

Food and beverage need packaging industry largely. Packaging Products humanity, means packaging design consistent with human physiology and physical scale, the human sense organs comfort, but also people ‘s spiritual needs. User-friendly packaging design will enable products to increase competitiveness, to attract consumers, not only convenient for consumers, improve living standards and quality of consumers, but also for enterprises to improve product image, enhance competitiveness bring greater benefits. More and more companies and packaged food and beverage companies are starting to focus on user-friendly design of product packaging.

In addition, the packaging is not merely to preserve food, to bring consumers more pleasant experience, thereby affecting consumer buying . Smirnoff vodka drinks bottle wrapped in a layer of fruit texture feeling film , when you open the package the same as in the fruit peel. And a bottle of fruit peel skin texture, bringing in the fruit peel open the bottle realistic sens, it seems that not a drink in my hand, but a fruit, so that consumers love.

Humane packaging products abroad trend is more obvious, more creative, future long-term value packaging concept is to mix the natural ecology in humane design philosophy of science, and promoting public packaging, green packaging, packaging moderate, mild packaging. Reasonable food packaging should be just right for a protective foods, including physical, chemical, and biological properties of protection is not pompous beautifully decorated, convenient storage, transportation and consumer use.

User-friendly packaging design not only meet the physical and spiritual needs of consumers, but also a manifestation of social environmental effects, select the new environmentally friendly packaging materials, bio- materials, do not pollute the environment, and can degrade in the natural environment, to facilitate recycling, is placed in front of the packaging products industry is a difficult problem.

Humane significance of packaging products that give consumers use, convenient to consumption, in detail ergonomic in design creativity to bring new experiences to consumers, appropriate packaging, safety and environmental protection is also a human manifestation of packaging, packaging products of human design the future will be more to life, is a major development trend of food and beverage packaging products.