High Calorie Alcoholic Cocktails: Diet Busting Drinks to Avoid

If you enjoy your mixed drinks but are on a diet, finding a tasty low calorie alcoholic drink can be difficult. Many of the most popular mixed drink recipes are high calorie recipes, and it doesn’t take many to bust a diet wide open. Many mixed cocktails are high in both calories and sugar, making them a poor choice for anybody who is watching the waistline.

Losing that weight might be important, but plenty of people want to have the diet and still enjoy a couple of great drinks to reward themselves on the weekend. Keeping alcohol and the diet is as much about avoiding the unhealthy high calorie mixed drinks as it is about finding the proper low calorie substitutes.

There are many unhealthy mixed cocktails, but there are several that are the worst offenders. The thing to look for is both calories and sugars. While there is no unbreakable rule of thumb as far as determining the good drinks from the not so good, there are several things to look out for.

What to Watch for:
1. Drinks heavy in sugary colas or sugary juice. These pack on the sugars and the calories.
2. Any frozen/creamy mixed drinks (all of these tend to be extremely heavy in both calories and sugars)
3. Drinks with high calorie mixers (think anything mixed with eggnog)
4. Alcohol high in calories and sugar (anything with Creme de Menthe, for example, is going to be packed)

Each drink needs to be considered separately, as it’s not uncommon to have two related drinks with vastly different calorie counts. For example, in the “martini” family you have the appletini, which is a very popular choice for a lower calorie alcoholic mixed drink, but a chocolatini is actually one of the absolute worst drinks out there as far as calories and sugars. Some versions of the chocolatini are bursting at the seams around the 500 calorie mark for just one.

A Long Island Iced Tea is loaded in the same way because of the sheer amount of higher calorie shots mixed into the drink. For large drinks like that, the alcohol calories really add up. Anything added to eggnog, like the holiday favorite of rum & eggnog, is a diet buster, as are tropical drinks like the famous pina coladas.

There are plenty of options for people who want a tasty alcoholic cocktail without busting a diet wide open, but the listed drinks from the articles are some of the mixed drinks that you will want to avoid.