Healthy Snack Wholesale Distributor

Snack consumption has become a way of life for many Americans. With the number of Americans consuming snacks growing and different categories of snack coming up, snack accounts for 11% of meals in the USA. Initially, most snacks were referred to as junk food containing a large number of carbohydrates, sugar, and starch. However, in recent years people have turned to healthier eating habits, consuming more vegetables and proteins. Snack consumers are becoming concerned about the number of calories contained in their snacks.

Due to the craving for snacks with healthier ingredients, snack manufacturers have started the increased production of healthier snacks. Many distributors are now concentrating on supplying healthy snack choices that are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrate, there meaning low calories.  These distribution companies are consistently promoting new brands of healthy snacks that are not only healthy but also nourishing and tasty. This is because many consumers do not want to forgo the taste and flavor they’re used to.

Here is a list of healthy snack Distributors in the USA:

1. Mister Snacks: Mister snacks is a distribution company that focuses on the distribution of healthy snacks to retail outlets.  They offer snacks such as chocolates, trail mix, nuts, and fruits with higher nutritional values than regular snacks to many retailers in the country.

2. Exotic Gourmet Corporation: Established in 1996, Exotic Gourmet is a  distribution company involved in the distribution of healthy snacks made of rich natural ingredients to retail stores in the countries in the country, particularly in Newyork city. This distribution company stock more than 1000 different snack products and offer a variety of these products to retailers.

3. Truly Good foods:  Truly good foods offers a different variety of snacks with nutritious flavors that do not undermine health in any way. Their healthy snack stock includes dip and devour, grabbed, recharge, snack bar, and snack treasures.

4. Health Food Distributor: Health Food distributors have been supplying retail stores with healthy snacks since 1939. Health Foods distributors partner with many healthy snack manufacturers to provide products of rich nutritional value to retailers. Their products include natural and organic snacks, specialty snack foods, organic beverages, and energy snacks.

5. Jay Bee Distributor:  Jay Bee Distributor prides itself on providing topnotch and speedy delivery of healthy snacks to retail traders in the country. Located in New York, Jay Bee distributor has been offering distribution services in the retail industry for over 40 years and continues to extend its reach to other states in the country.

6. Good stuff Distributor Incorporated: Good Stuff Distributors is a family-owned snack distribution company that focuses on the distribution of healthy snack products. The independent distribution company offers many varieties of healthy snacks and specialty foods to retailers such as convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores, particularly in North California.