Getting Ripped Off By Vending Machine Scams

Before you rush out to complete a deal with a vending machine company, you need to read this. There are plenty of scams taking place out there and you don’t want to be one of their many victims. The reason why these scams continue to be so successful is that people just aren’t aware of them. They think that because they are working with a company instead of an individual they have nothing to worry about. That is exactly what these scam artists want you to think though.

The goal of any vending machine company is to make them money by selling you vending machines. You would think this could all be a very straight forward deal but that is not always the case. To protect yourself you need to get all of the information about he vending machines and the prices in writing. You want to make sure that what you are committing to paying for is what they are going to be delivering to you.

To help you avoid all of these issues, make sure you look at the vending machines before you accept them. If they are damaged, they aren’t what you ordered, or they appear to be used when the should be new – refuse to pay for them. If you paid for the vending machines in advance then you are just asking for problems to come up. If they ask you for a deposit then make sure it is very low and that you secure it with a traceable method of payment.

Some vending machine companies aren’t real at all, just a front to get your money. This type of scam has become more popular with the use of the internet. Anyone can design a very nice website that features vending machines for sale. The reality of it though is that these vending machines may not exist. Once you send them money they disappear without a trace. Even though you paid them with a check or money order, there is no way for law enforcement to track them down.

Always check out the vending machine business with the Better Business Bureau. They will have a record of all the complaints filed on that business. This is a great way to evaluate them on your own. Make sure that you spell the name exactly as they have it so the right information is pulled up. Be suspicious if you can’t find any information on a vending machine business anywhere on the internet.

With all of these vending machine scams, you can be sure the legitimate businesses have to work twice as hard. They have to proof that they are really going to deliver what they offer. You still want to check out their information though and verify it for yourself. Never assume that you are working with a legitimate business and be suspicious of all of them until you have the information to verify otherwise.

During your research, you should be checking out the vending machine business with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure you copy and paste the name exactly as it is written on the website or the flier you received. Some of the better scam artists will use a business name that is very similar to that of a legitimate one. This way people are less likely to catch on to what is taking place.

No one sets out to buy a vending machine and then ends up being a victim of a scam. It does happen all the time though because too many people aren’t aware of what can happen. The amount of money that a person has to come up with for a vending machine is a large sum of money to lose. Make sure you have the opportunity to by vending machines from a legitimate company so you can start seeing profits from your business.