Energy Drinks Are Unsafe For Teenagers

It is a good thing that a healthy energy drink exists for teenagers, so we have a solution for the over-use of these drinks. These days , the want for a quick fix is causing more problems than it is solving. While it might look like we have swift answers to our problems, they are often short-term solutions, which do nothing to fix the situation permanently. Sadly , one of the “quick fixes” that we are becoming increasingly addicted to and which seems to be the favorite of many individuals is the energy drink.

But because of the abundance of these drinks, it is consistently available to teenagers and kids who can buy them for a few bucks each. Unfortunately, research has shown that kids who drink copious amounts of energy drinks are at a risk of exhibiting unruly behaviors and increased violence levels. According to the Journal of American College Health, “Miller and colleagues found that a collection of behaviors known as “toxic jock syndrome” was correlated with high consumption of energy drinks.

Toxic jock syndrome includes symptoms such as substance abuse, unprotected sex and violence”. With this research proven in different related studies, it is only natural to see that teenagers and frequent energy drink consumption is not a good combination. So, if you have got a teenage son or daughter, try as much as possible to dissuade them from drinking these drinks too frequently and instead teach them to live healthy lives by adopting healthy lifestyles.

As if obtaining excess energy drinks are not enough, research has shown that an astonishing 49% of all teenagers are into some kind of substance misuse. This basically indicates that about 1 in every 2 teenagers you find in high schools are into some kind of drugs. Not only are they into drugs, a superior majority are into alcohol abuse. A recent survey among youths illustrated that British girls were known to be the most aggressive females in the world.

The normal British chap somehow gets involved in binge drinking at least once a week. Binge drinking is simply drinking lots of beer without delay-this could be between 5-20 bottles in one sitting. At the moment teenagers have discovered a very effective combination that will get them just as high as drugs or marijuana. This is the fusion of energy drinks and alcohol. This lethal combination makes it a lot more risky for teenagers because of the health implications.

A survey carried out in ten schools located in North Carolina showed that students who took a combination of these drinks often needed medical attention and were virtually ignorant of the fact that they were drunk. This is not shocking as it is possible that the large amounts of caffeine in most energy drinks is accountable for high energy levels in spite of how much alcohol you drank. So, if you find your teenager son having a lot of these, maybe you had better be on the lookout.

They found that students who mixed the drinks got drunk twice as often, were more likely to be injured or require medical treatment while intoxicated, and were more likely to perpetrate or experience sexual assault than students who drank alcohol alone. The effect was not related to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Some researchers have suggested that because the caffeine in energy drinks tends to make people feel more energetic, people who mix the drinks with alcohol do not realize how drunk they are and are more likely to take foolish risks.

“You’re every bit as drunk, you’re just an awake drunk,” said researcher Mary Claire O’Brien of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C.

As you can see from this article, a healthy energy drink can make a lot of difference to the lives of teenagers.