Energy Drink versus Relaxation Drinks

The Reason for Tussle

Energy drinks have been a rage of the past, now the beverage market is ruled by the real good relaxation drinks that have superseded not only the carbonated drink but the relatively preferred energy drinks as well. Relaxation drinks started in Japan and have now progressed to capture the big democracy, the United States of America (USA). There is no doubt that the degree of health consciousness has been on a rise. This has made the teeming million in the big country haggle for more healthy substitutes of the massive energy drink revolution to opt for the milder and nutritious relaxation beverages.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks that college student, teenagers, athletes and even office goer’s vouch by include high levels of caffeine, carbohydrates, artificial sugars and hence calories. People do not realise it but these energy drinks add to your weight levels as well. They give an instant rush in the person adding to the energy level sin harmful ways and getting habituated and addicted to the energy drinks due to the overdose of caffeine in it. Just like tea and coffee are preferred to kick-start you day as it contain caffeine so do people prefer and energy drinks to add more zest to their daily activities. However, these are said to include Melatonin which is not approved by the FDA in the United States of America. This is because it is said to induce a lethargy and light feeling in the body. Contesting this, the new relaxation beverages are making new moves into the problem areas of energy drinks.

Relaxation Drinks

Relaxation drinks have come and entered at a time when the world is becoming increasingly health conscious. With health awareness and other health issues propping with lifestyle changes the consumer is more open to opt for relaxation drinks. These relaxation beverages have nothing adverse and come with a natural twist. In fact, Minichill, a niche and highly recommended relaxation beverage does not even contain the controversial Melatonin. This element was present in the earlier relaxation beverages that made it unappealing but with more research and scientifically approved relaxation beverages like Minichill doing rounds the idea of a good relaxation beverage has changed. The Relaxation beverage includes essential minerals like theanine, vitamin B, chamomile, and GABA and also it is the only relaxation beverage that is scientifically approved.

The sales determine the preferences where the relaxation drinks category is doing the best, followed by energy drinks and then carbonated drinks. The ingredients justify the chronology.