Easy Snack Recipes – Healthy Ideas For Snacks

Here are a variety of quick snack recipes to make staying on a healthy diet a little easier. They are made with natural foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and more. They are quick, easy, and delicious and will give you great food options when you need something to nibble on. Use them as a guideline and adjust them to your own liking.

Yogurt Parfait Snack: In a bowl or parfait glass, make a layer of each ingredient – plain Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, a sprinkling of cinnamon granola, more yogurt, fresh blueberries, cinnamon granola, another layer of yogurt, top with a couple of raspberries and blueberries. Any fruit combination can be used in this recipe which makes it very flexible and a great year round snack idea with seasonal fruit.

Apple Dippers Snack: For an easy snack, make a dip for apple slices by combining smooth peanut butter with plain yogurt, some cinnamon and mini chocolate chips. Mix well and spoon into small bowls and serve with several apple slices on the side. This is a great take along snack for work or if you are on the run.

Creamy Muffins: In a bowl, combine low-fat cottage cheese, diced cucumber, diced green bell pepper, dice onion, some torn fresh basil leaves, and salt and pepper to taste. To serve, take an English muffin half, place a couple of thin slices of avocado on the muffin, some of the cottage cheese mixture, and top with a little lemon zest.

Cheesy Topped Crackers: Top your favorite crackers with shredded carrots and diced apples and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. Place mounded crackers on a baking sheet and place under a broiler or in a toaster oven until the cheese just begins to melt, being careful not to burn them.