Do High Caffeine Energy Drinks Really Work?

Energy drinks are usually classified as high caffeine soft drinks and are very popular among teens and college students, as well as adults with busy lifestyles. Many flavored energy drinks are also used as energy mixers for use in mixed alcoholic drinks. High caffeine energy drinks tend to give the user somewhat of a caffeine buzz, which is why many people refer to them as buzz drinks.

High caffeine energy boosters are popular among athletes because they give them a boost of energy before a game. Many athletes are using these drinks as a safer and legal alternative to steroids. Some flavored energy drinks contain herbal ingredients to give an extra energy boost as well. Athletes, particularly high school and college athletes, are often tested for drug use, including steroids and other amphetamines. Energy boosters do not test positive for any kind of illegal drugs but have some of the same effects as the steroids and amphetamines do.

Teenagers use flavored energy drinks for many reasons, but mostly to get the buzz from them. Buzz drinks are regularly served at teen and young adult parties so that the guests can party well into the night with plenty of energy to burn. Some teens and college students use high caffeine energy drinks to stay up studying with a clear, awake mind.

Adults use flavored energy drinks to mix with alcohol to prepare mixed drinks. These energy mixers are popular at bars and clubs as well as adult hosted parties. Alcohol is a depressant, so mixing high caffeine energy boosters with the alcohol tends to counteract the depressant effect of the alcohol and allows the adults to stay awake. Some adults feel that the energy mixers will heighten the effect of the alcohol but studies to this effect have not been published.

Many adults with busy lifestyles will drink high caffeine energy drinks just to get through their day. On average, adults are now getting only 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. Combine the lack of rest with the high energy required for daily activities and energy boosters come in handy to keep going. It is not recommended to drink high caffeine energy boosters in the evening if you want to sleep well, however.

High caffeine energy drinks have been studied and have been scientifically proven to work. The effects are short term, however, and the energy derived will cause a “crash” after the caffeine wears off. The more energy you get the bigger crash you will endure. So it is recommended not to have too many of these drinks in close proximity to one another. They can also cause other side effects such as increased heart rate when taken in excess.

The amount of energy derived from energy boosters can be equivalent to a couple of shots of espresso. If you don’t like espresso or don’t have time to drink an entire pot of coffee, then flavored energy drinks might be just what you need for a quick shot of energy.