Boost Your Sales and Profits With a Combo Vending Machine

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The first commercial coin-operated vending machine was introduced in London in the 1880s.; it didn’t dispense snacks or drinks; customers received postcards for their coins. Vending machines have come a long way since then and now come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Choosing the right one depends on location, cost, business model, and personal preferences. One of the best types of machines to own is a combo machine. Combo machines are “2 in 1” machines that offer drinks and snacks together. They offer the most efficient use of space while also offering customers more choices than a traditional vending machine. The success of a vending business depends on selecting the right machines and choosing the best locations.

Small Business Love Combo Vending Machines

Though combo machines are great for many different locations and situations, they are particularly good for smaller businesses. Businesses with 10- 25 employees should be thought of as small businesses. A good combo machine in a small business will sell multiple types of items, such as snacks, sodas, water and healthy snacks. In most small businesses, space is a priority, and a combo machine will provide the small business owner with the best utilization of space.

Combo Vending Machines Work For Large Business, Too!

Though combo machines work great for small businesses, it doesn’t mean they will not work for larger companies. Ignoring larger businesses when attempting to place a combo machine will eliminate hundreds of potential locations and the chance to generate a generous amount of profit. If there is an abundance of space to work with, businesses will often elect to have several different full-size machines — snack machines, drink machines, coffee machines, frozen food machines. However, some large firms lack quality space for vending machines and need to save space by placing combo machines in their lunch room, break room, or hallways. Some big companies will have an array of different vending machines in their lunch room, but need a combo machine in a hallway, small employee room, or customer lobby. Ignoring large firms when placing vending machines can cost you the chance to earn big profits.

Place Vending Machines Wisely

No matter what type of vending machines you own, it is essential to find a good location that fits a specific type of machine or products. Many business owners dread the thought of cold calling businesses or marketing their machines. Using a vending machines locating service is an alternative to placing your own machines. For a reasonable fee, vending machines locators will help you find the right location for your machines. A vending locator does the work and your vending machines business reaps the benefits. Whether you choose to use vender placement services or elect to market your vending machines by yourself, a combo machine offers any vending business the opportunity to boost profits with less cost, less space, and less hassle.