A few facts about the food grade warehouse industry in Canada

Food grade warehousing is the process through which food items are stored under certain conditions inside a warehouse. This facility is mainly used while the food items are transported from one place to another or the food items are kept inside the warehouse before being transferred to a suitable store.

Different types of food grade warehouses
The food grade warehousing industry in Canada offers the option to store different types of food in the warehouses. Depending on the kinds of food stored, the food grade warehouses can be categorized into several types.

* Dry food storage warehouses: These storage facilities are used to store food that can be preserved in the dry form. Such food items do not need to be refrigerated. Therefore, these warehouses do not require any chilling facilities. In the dry food grade warehousing food items like rice, oats, wheat, grains, etc. are stored.

* Frozen food storage warehouses: These storage facilities are required for the food items that need to be kept frozen for preservation. The food items are mostly perishable things that require freezing and not refrigeration for their storage. Freezers of good quality are required for such warehouses. Such Food grade warehousing facility must also take care of any kind of safety regulations that must be met.

* Refrigerated food storage warehouses: These storage facilities are used for the preservation of food items that require refrigeration for their storage. They provide cold storage for food items during transport. The food items are kept under refrigerated conditions but are not frozen. Temperature control is one of the vital features of such facilities. Food items like dairy products and eggs are often stored under such food grade warehousing conditions.

Basics of storing food in the warehouses in Canada
The fundamental principles of warehouses dealing in storage of food and beverage in Canada are simple and can be used in any kind of warehouse.

Food and beverages in Canada are transferred into the warehouses and stored according to the time of entry into the warehouse. The items that are first transferred are taken out first and the new entries remain inside the facility till they are required to be taken out.

Temperature for storage of food and beverage in Canada depends on the specific food item stored inside the facility. But no warehouse exceeds the 70 degrees Fahrenheit in order to maintain the food safety regulations.

The warehouses for storage of food and beverage in Canada maintain safety precautions, temperature, cleanliness and item management in order to function smoothly.