3 Tips For Any Snack Bar

Whether you are just starting a new snack bar or concession stand or you have an ongoing business, it is important to make sure that you are getting all that you can from it and out of it. Those who already have a snack bar know that you do not just open up and the money starts to flow. There are many things that you need to think about whether you are going to open or that you can re-organize if you are already open.

Think about and implement the following three tips into your snack bar or concession stand to make sure that you are being as profitable as possible.

Since you are paying for the space that you are in it is very important to utilize the entire space. This is true whether you are in a building or if you are in a trailer. By simply using graph paper, you can easily layout your design. This will first of all get you thinking about your space. The diagram may also assist you with realizing you need different equipment or you have too much concession equipment in the space allotted.

With a diagram you will also get a feel for how much room you or your employees will have to move around. This is important for multiple reasons. You want the space to be as efficient as possible to produce good quality food in a timely manner. You also want your employees to have a comfortable work space as turnover is costly to a business. Jokingly, that is a whole different article.

Concession Equipment
Before purchasing the equipment for your snack bar, you will need to have an idea of the menu that you are going to offer, the amount of space that you do have as well as the overall budget for the equipment that you will need to purchase.

If you are already in operation, do you have anything that you do not use often? Another thing that I see a lot is one machine to make one item that hardly ever sells. You need to lose that piece of equipment to create more space for something that will sell and turn you a profit. In addition, ask your employees what they need. Your employees are doing it every single day so you may be missing something that will make your business more efficient.

Staffing Plans
This is another area where so many snack bars miss the boat. It is really this simple: what needs to be prepped and when are the busier parts of the day? Fill in your schedule around these two factors. Just this weekend I was at a 27-hole golf course that was packed and closing their snack bar at 3:30pm with people literally standing a the window! Can you say throwing money away?

Of course the opposite end of the spectrum is having more employees than customers. I do understand that it is a fine line and difficult to balance. With that being said, in today’s job market people are looking to work all different types of hours and if you need to make shifts shorter then you need to make shifts shorter. Remember, labor will be one of if not your largest cost year end and year out and it is up to you to properly manage it.

With these three tips you will be able to streamline your snack bar whether you are getting ready to open it or it has been established for quite some time.