2 Soft Drinks That Could Actually Be Beneficial To Your Health

Soft drinks consist of a type of beverage that doesn’t include alcohol and they are widely consumed by most people these days. They contain water in plenty quantities, a sweetener that gives that candy-like taste and different flavors. For example, sodas, pops or tonic beverages can be considered soft drinks.

What experts say

Soft drinks don’t have such a good reputation because most doctors agree that they can affect the health of the consumers in a negative way. That is because the sugar that those drinks contain is not that healthy. The sugar in soft drinks is not at all like the sugar contained by fruits. Some people say that it gives dependence and it leads to obesity and different diseases.

As an example, if you eat a banana now, it is very likely that it will be enough and you wouldn’t want another one. On the other hand, if you drink a glass of cola, a soft drink, you might be asking for another one in a short time. That is because the sugar in it is very addictive and it gives dependence. If you take this into consideration and you also add the fact that most fizzy drinks (soft drinks) affect the health of the persons that consume them, then there is no wonder why lots of people experience tooth decay, have problems with the heart rate and they can even develop cancer.

What is the response of the manufacturers regarding this issue?

In order to increase the sales and try to build a better reputation, most manufacturers of soft drinks try to adjust the quantity of sugar contained and they also remove or add some ingredients. That is why you probably see these types of soft drinks on the market which are healthier:

* Caffeine-free soft drinks. Cola is a soft drink that can contain caffeine. If it is consumed in moderate quantities, caffeine is not a big of a deal but what if one drinks a coffee in the morning and he also drinks one or more colas during the day? The amount of caffeine increases in the body and it can lead to heart problems and poor blood circulation.

That is why caffeine-free soft drinks have been introduced. Perhaps the taste and the aroma are slightly changed, but they remain a very tasty beverage and now it is healthy as well. In addition, the new soft drinks have a reduced amount of sugar and they don’t cause dependence.

* Calorie-free soft drinks. In a similar fashion, those soft drinks have a minimum amount of calories and they don’t lead to obesity. Even if they are consumed in large quantities, they are healthier. Plus, some manufacturers choose to enrich those soft drinks with different amounts of natural juice that also give a more delicious taste and flavor.

Therefore, it is possible to still enjoy a cold and tasty soft drink on a hot summer day without having to worry that your teeth and heart may suffer. Furthermore, consumed quite rarely, these soft drinks are a very good distraction and you would still be able to say to your friends: “Let’s go for a drink!”